Delaying Ejaculation

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Delaying Ejaculation – End Your Suffering Now

delaying ejaculation

Delaying ejaculation and make your partner satisfied is probably the first thing in most men’s mind. Most of us will have suffered the problem of ejaculating too early when we are having sex. It may be that during our youth when we first started to have sex and were very inexperienced we would end up getting over excited and climaxing too early and before our partner has really had the chance to get close themselves. It is important that you learn how to control yourself when you are in bed in order to allow you to last longer. Here are some tips on delaying ejaculation if you suffer from this problem.

You are going to need to make sure that you stay calm during the lead up to sex. Most men will ejaculate too early because they have got so turned on due to the lead up that they are unable to last for very long when it comes to actually having penetrative sex. You should remain calm and in control leading up to it and this will help you last for longer.

You also need to train yourself to distract your thoughts away from what you are currently doing. If you are thinking of sex the entire time as you are doing it then you are much more likely to climax too early. Think about other things, whilst maintaining your ability to offer pleasure to your partner. The last thing that you want to be doing is focusing too hard on something else that you lose your performance completely.

There is also no shame in training yourself physically to be less sensitive sexual contact by masturbating in the right way. Many men will simply masturbate and try to get it over as soon as possible, but the best thing to do is to get to the point of climax and then let the urge subside. If you do this several times you will learn to control your urges and will subsequently perform better the next time you have sex.

These are a few simple tips on delaying ejaculation. Try not to worry too much, premature ejaculation is curable. You just have to look for the most suitable method for yourself.

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